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Company Teams

What is a Dance Company?

A dance company is a competitive dance team. In addition to performing at various community events, our company teams participate in dance conventions and competitions on local, regional and national levels. Emphasis is placed on the development of both dance technique and the attitudes of teamwork, dedication and responsibility.


Company team members are chosen by audition and by recommendation of dance instructors.

Expectations for Company Members

If I am offered a place in Company, I understand that I:

  • Was chosen based on the following criteria: ability, attitude, effort, maturity, and stage presence.

  • Will maintain the above criteria throughout the entire year.

  • Will attend all regularly scheduled classes, including all my optional classes.

  • Will attend extra rehearsals, if and when need be.

  • Will not miss rehearsals resulting in removal from performances as it is unfair to my fellow dancers.

  • Will commit to the entire year.

  • Will attend ALL in town performances and/or any out of town competitions.

  • Will be expected to pay for all entry fees and travel fees.

  • Will be expected to purchase a Company jacket.

  • Will be required to purchase extra costumes for Company performances and be required to pay any remaining balances for them before receiving them.

  • Will follow the On Our Toes Dance Studio Guidelines and Policies.

  • Will treat my instructors with respect and be given the skills that I need to do my best as a dancer.

  • Will have fun!

(PLEASE NOTE - Company guidelines are strictly enforced. Those failing to meet Company Guidelines will be removed from company and class and costume fees will not be refunded.)

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